“Duo d’Accord really takes you by surprise with their playful wit and pianistic brilliance”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Magic Hands”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“This is no normal piano duo”


“Exceedingly sensitive playing with an almost spectral synchronicity”

Bonner Generalanzeiger

“They create an almost supernatural aura which seems to suspend the flow of time”


“They are persistent enough to dare even the seemingly unplayable. And then they bring along a boundless enthusiasm that can easily conceal the listener from the complexity of the music they play”

Rheinischer Merkur

“A most virtuosic and most satisfying performance”

The Washington Post (USA)

“Duo d'Accord offered supple, brilliantly articulated pianism... This was thinking man’s music making, replete with strength, tonal color, and intellectual rigor.”

Miami Herald (USA)

“This piano duo makes music with blind understanding, in the most precise contours, and despite a predominantly soft touch with a divine depth of field”

Kronenzeitung (A)

“Sometimes tumultuous and violent, sometimes dreamlike and withheld, their playing has a versatility that testifies to absolute presence”

Baseler Zeitung (CH)

“Last time in Hanoi they were brillant and this time even more ... it was a grand, grand, grand performance!”

The Hanoi Grapevine (Vietnam)